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Moving at the Speed of Creativity

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Wesley Fryer’s blog “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” documents a variety of issues, publications, resources, presentations, workshops and educational technologies. Dr. Wesley Fryer is a parent, educator, digital learning consultant and author. His resources and topics focus on integrating technology for K-12 teachers. 

In reading through some of his posts, a few stood out as being applicable to my own classroom with 1st and 2nd grade students. Dr. Wes reviewed an application for smartphones called AudioBoo. AudioBoo is a free program that allows users to take photos and record audio alongside pictures to document student learning. As a parent, he was able to make use of this app on a field trip as a parent volunteer. A page was set up with a login and password for other parents/teachers to contribute or review. Students recorded audio on the field trip to document their learning. This could also be used during an in-class project to document audio and pictures. I would love to use this! I will have to look into it more to make sure that the audio/pictures are not published automatically to other AudioBoo users, and that the information can remain private to select users with the correct login information on a protected page. I think that kids would love to participate in this and also see the finished product!

Another posting from Dr. Wes that caught my eye showcased a teacher who used some cooperating students and youtube to create in-school videos that teach students proper school procedures and how to follow school rules. The students demonstrated how to correctly walk in the hallway, use the bathroom, etc. I think, especially for younger students who are still learning school rules and classroom procedures, that videos can provide a way for students to see the right behaviors modeled and know exactly what to do and follow. 

Check out Dr. Wesley’s blog here



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