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I have been using Pinterest as a way to find out what other teachers are doing and coming up with on a few different topics. I am moving into a new classroom this summer at a different school. The set up of the classroom is new and, thanks to switching grade levels, I have a lot of different materials/supplies/books etc to work with (and to store!!) I have found from some other great teachers/organizers on Pinterest, tricks, techniques, systems for organizing a new classroom and storing materials.


I have also been using the site to try and find some ways of incorporating our 2 classroom computers into the curriculum, in any way possible. I’m not sure exactly how I will use them functionally in the coming school year but I am getting some good ideas for different sites that help students practice various skills. I also have tracked down a really neat tool for assisting in running records. It is designed for the iPhone or iPad and calculates words per minute and reading rate automatically.


This was another cool activity I stumbled on. The teacher called it TableTopTwitter. A passage was picked from a book (but this could easily be adapted to ANY curriculum area) and students traveled around the room to the different passages leaving their “tweets” (thoughts on the passage).


Overall, I have loved using Pinterest to spark ideas and collect awesome ones from other teachers. 🙂


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  1. I love the idea of table top Twitter! I think it helps introduce the concept of the technology to students, even when the classroom might not be equipped. I think this is also a great practice run before students try it out for real with a classroom Twitter account.


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