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Flipped Classrooms

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I really like this idea of the flipped classroom.   Peter Pappas’ blog gave a really awesome info graphic for what the traditional classroom looks like vs. the flipped classroom. The visuals and simple cartoons of what this design looks like in action make it easy to picture. His images and text also create a really good contrast of what students can get out of a flipped classroom in comparison to what they encounter during standard lectures and traditional homework.

I think the  best thing I got from his blog was a sense of time. Time is used so much more efficiently in a classroom situation that is conducive to this flipped model. Students get an introduction to the material at home and precious classroom minutes are devoted to furthering understanding, not lighting the match. In one of his comments he said that “Students don’t’ get as frustrated” and I can see why. Teachers have the move around time during class to make sure that students are understudying, where-as at home doing homework without teacher support, they could easily forfeit and just pack it up.

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I also looked into “To Flip or Not to Flip”. This blog focused on a lot of similar ideas – the pros of a flipped classroom. There was an emphasis here on keeping kids more engaged and lowering anxiety. Stress goes a long way – especially for the students in the classroom that just aren’t getting it. Sending them home with problems to solve just causes frustration that carries over to the next day when they have to face it again. I liked this teacher’s take on the importance of discussion: changing the location of lecture and information allows classroom time for discussion and finding out what your students think and how they feel, it creates an environment of meaningful learning.