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I am certainly new to the world of podcasts – but I was very surprised to see not necessarily what I have been missing out on, but how much! There are so many topics and subjects and ideas out there on podcasts and I had no clue. 

I bounced around a few from our suggested sites, and, in the true spirit of summertime, I settled on a BAM!radio podcast: “Rebooting – Summertime: How Best to Spend the Time Off”. I have to say it was actually helpful to just hear other people’s thoughts on something thats on my mind too.

I am transitioning between schools this summer and have lots on my to-do list for the fall. Three teachers were interviewed about their take on what is best for teachers to be doing over the summer. While they all had their own agenda that included both school and non-school plans, they all did agree on a few things, noting that summer is a good time for teachers to of course rest and rejuvenate, but also to reflect on the past year and start planning (on their own time) for the coming school year. 

One teacher commented on using Evernote throughout the school year with her students so that she can go back at the close of the school year and reflect on what her students had accomplished and what she had accomplished as a teacher, and this also allowed her to make changes for her future plans. I (of course) had to look up what Evernote was, and found out it is kind of, at least from what I can gather, like an educational pinterest or “web clipper” where you can cut and paste to collect sections of text, pictures, videos etc. and keep them all in one place. 

It was helpful to hear some other teacher’s thoughts on this topic as it is relevant to me. I can see where using podcasts is a quick, easy way to get and share information. They can be used individually or in groups with coworkers/teachers to get discussion going on a certain topic or issue.