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I had heard about Tagxedo from another teacher who used it to create a keepsake for a family member. I was brainstorming end of the year gifts for my room parents, and this popped into mind! I thought it would be really cute to select a kid-friendly shape to enter all of their first names into and have the program configure their names to fit inside. This seemed like a simple task, until I got to the webpage. I found the site hard to use. There is a STRONG possibility that my troubles were a function of user-error (not the first time). But I really spent some time on this one! I decided after our last class to give Tagul the same effort. Still hit a dead end. I would have really loved to use this! I was hoping if I got the hang of it, I would be able to make better use of it for the future. Hopefully I can get some assistance and figure this out because the finished products look amazing.